Ty Stockton—Yesterday
I promised you yesterday that I’d test a new product to see how well it works to keep you cool when the temperatures climb toward triple digits. Read More→
Ty Stockton—2 days ago
I got a request to replay the CoolAlert Pull-Ups series. Apparently, a number of hikers out there thought I had a good idea, and they wanted to give it a try. Read More→
Ty Stockton—3 days ago
It’s not too early to start thinking about the upcoming archery season. Read More→
Ty Stockton—4 days ago
The digital revolution may not always be a good thing, but one place it’s worked well is in photography. It turned this horrible photographer into a barely less than adequate one. Read More→
Ty Stockton—5 days ago
I got an e-mail the other day that talked about some of the more unpleasant lessons the writer learned from her young sons. I've learned some stuff I'd rather not have learned from my kids, too. Read More→
Ty Stockton—7/18/2014
If you ever start feeling a little too big for your britches, just head on down to the local skeet club. A round of skeet’ll deflate an ego faster than almost anything else. Read More→
Ty Stockton—7/17/2014
This time of year, it's often too hot to fish, so you might as well take a break from your usual outdoor activities. Read More→
Ty Stockton—7/16/2014
Not long ago, I heard on the news that a tularemia outbreak has been identified in Colorado. But last week, the authorities announced that they have plague down there, too. Read More→
Ty Stockton—7/15/2014
I’m currently truckless. My old F-350 found a new home, and I’m taking my time looking for the perfect replacement. When the folks at Nissan heard that, they considered it a challenge, and sent me a Titan to try out. Read More→
Ty Stockton—7/14/2014
With the rabbit populations as high as they’ve been for so long, I knew it was coming. And it seems as though “rabbit fever” has finally come to thin out the long-ears in the Rockies. Read More→
Ty Stockton—7/11/2014
There’s not much as satisfying at the end of a long week than relaxing on the back porch, cool drink in hand, just soaking in what my dad calls “long-shadows time.” Read More→
Ty Stockton—7/10/2014
Here comes the summer heat. We got a ton of moisture and some nice, cool weather for most of the spring, but I think we can expect mostly hot, dry weather from now until the leaves start to turn. Read More→
Ty Stockton—7/9/2014
I got my whole family out for a little bit of fishing the other night, and my sons finally got to experience what I usually do – a fishing trip without so much as a bite. Read More→
On July 10, 1890 Wyoming became the 44th State in the Union. Read More→
Ty Stockton—7/8/2014
A friend from Montana came through on his way to Denver the other day and dropped his camp trailer at my house for a few days. His 10-year-old son got me motivated to get out and do some fishing. Read More→