Game & Fish Wants Public Comment on Budget Cuts

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) wants to know what residents thinks about budget cuts the department will be making in the coming years. The WGFD will be cutting their budget by $4.6 million in the areas of habitat improvement, acquisitions of land for hunting and fishing access, fish stocking and publications.

“Certainly the public has the opportunity to come to all of the Commission meetings where we discuss the budget and provide their input there,” WGFD Director Scott Talbot told the Cowboy State New Network. “But in addition to that we wanted to extend the opportunity to folks to be engaged in that process through our website in an effort to be as transparent as possible about where we’re going with budgets and what we’re proposing our programs to look like in the future.”

Talbot says the cuts are necessary because the state legislature voted down a request boost the price of licenses during their last session. License fees have not been raised since 2008.

Comments can be made through the Game and Fish website at A listing of the current and proposed budget cuts can also be found there.