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Utah Hospital Releases Woman Wanted in Wyoming

Authorities say they are once again searching for a wanted multi-state felon who crashed a truck in Riverton after a high speed chase. Sgt. Steve Townsend of the Wyoming Highway Patrol says the whereabouts of 34-year-old Jamie Cleghorn are unknown after she was released from the University of Utah Medical Center on Wednesday.

Cleghorn was airlifted to the Salt Lake City hospital on Monday night after crashing in Riverton. John Gothard, a county attorney in Uintah County, Utah, where Cleghorn has several outstanding warrants, says no one was notified when she was released.

“She was not placed under arrest when she was in there, unfortunately,” Gothard said. “You had several agencies cooperating and the idea was that University Police would take custody of her on a warrant when she was released from the hospital or at least contact other law enforcement agencies and that didn’t happen.”

Cleghorn is wanted on at least 42 outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants in Utah and Wyoming. However, Townsend says that following the high speed chase from Thermopolis to Riverton on Monday, no one in Wyoming was able to take custody of Cleghorn, “She never was arrested because she was taken to the hospital and then life flighted out.”

The Wyoming Highway Patrol says Cleghorn is accused of identity theft, passing counterfeit money, possessing drugs, child abuse and giving pornography to children.