Cowboy QB Not Letting the Success Go to His Head [AUDIO]

You see it all over sports these days….players have a little bit of success and don’t know how to handle it.  The perfect example is heisman trophy winning QB Johnny Manziel at Texas A&M.  Manziel has been in the spotlight the last two years, primarily because he puts himself there with some of his antics on and off the field.  Yes, his play on the field has been tremendous, but his actions are a bit over the top at times.  That’s not the case in Laramie, as junior quarterback Brett Smith is putting up record-breaking numbers for Wyoming.  Smith is a level-headed player and doesn’t direct attention toward himself, a trait that he learned early on in life.

Smith and the Cowboys visit Texas State this weekend.  Kickoff Saturday evening in San Marcos is set for 5 pm mountain time.