Laramie Teen Runaway Found Safe in Oklahoma City

A Laramie teen who had been missing August was found safe in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. The Laramie Police Department says they were notified on September 29th that 17-year-old Courtney McAllister had been located.

McAllister apparently ran away to meet up with a boy she met on the internet. According to the LPD, the boy told his parents he had a new girlfriend he had met on-line. The boy’s parents checked the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website and discovered the boy’s new girlfriend was the missing McAllister.

“The NCMEC and their national website played a key role in eventually locating Courtney,” said LPD Commander Mitch Cushman. “When she returns to this area, we will wrap this case up with an interview to determine how the rest of her journey occurred.”

The LPD reports that the boy had been led to believe that McAllister was 18 and had the ability to choose where she could go freely. His help eventually led to locating Courtney. She is being held at a juvenile facility in Oklahoma City until her parents can come and take custody of her.

The case is still open and being investigated.