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Wyoming Will Not Pay for National Parks to Reopen

The Obama Administration says it will now allow states to use their own money to reopen National Parks, but Wyoming has no plans to spend state money on federal responsibilities.

Governor Matt Mead has said the state cannot bail out the Federal Government according to his communications director Renny McKay. McKay added that this does not preclude the discussion on other options besides using state money, similar to the situation in Yellowstone this spring when local and private entities covered the cost of using state plows to clear roads and open the park on time.

Meanwhile, the Jackson Town Council sent official letters to Washington yesterday expressing concerns about how the closures of the national parks have been impacting the community’s economy. The town council pointed to the community’s investment in the development of fall tourism that has been wasted due to the closures.

The letter points to scores of visitors who come from around the work to experience Grand Teton and Yellowstone who are cancelling their reservations. The conclusion of the letter asks for ideological differences to be set aside. It reads, “If we were to shut down the Jackson government in a similar dispute, we would be run out of town and deservedly so.”

Jackson Town Council Letter to President Obama

Portions of this article were contributed to by Jackson Hole Radio.