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Sinclair Gets Big Fines for Safety Violations

The Sinclair Refinery has been fined $707,000 by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The Department of Workforce Services says 22 safety violations were found during an inspection in May 2013.

“The OSHA investigation revealed a variety of hazards present at the site, along with repeat violation, ” said Wyoming Workforce Services Director Joan Evans. “Every employer has a duty to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. Progress has been made since this inspection to address safety issues at the refinery and Wyoming OSHA will continue to work with the employer to prevent and address hazards.”

Alleged violations include a toxic chemical release that sickened twenty workers and hospitalized one, an emergency eyewash station that was not fixed despite three previous citations and failure to label chemical containers.

Wyoming OSHA is also investigating an incident that occurred in October.