Governor Mead Looks at Options for Game & Fish Funding

Governor Matt Mead says he is concerned about the funding for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. Last year, the Wyoming Legislature rejected a proposal in increase hunting license fees and the Game and Fish was forced to make severe budget cuts.

Mead says some of the wildlife management programs may suffer because of the cuts and that he exploring options for Game and Fish funding.

“I’ve started looking at general fund usage based on the rejection last year of an increase in fees because whether it’s an increase in fees or the general fund, I know the Game and Fish provides, not only for sportsman, but for industry, an important role in this state,” said Mead. “I think it’s important that we not start and stop wildlife management programs.”

The Legislature’s Joint Travel, Recreation, Wildlife and Cultural Resources Committee recently decided to sponsor two bills that could provide more funding for the Game and Fish. One would pay for grizzly bear management and employee health insurance out of the general fund and the other would increase hunting and fishing license fees by ten percent.