courtesy Wyoming Highway Patrol

Tractor Trailer Roll Spills 2,500 Gallons Of Hot Oil

A tractor trailer tanker crash Tuesday morning at 9:46 a.m. five miles south of  Lovell on WYO 310 has sent a Salt Lake City man to the hospital and resulted in the spill of approximately 2,500 gallons of hot oil.

The driver of the combination, Bruce Siggard, was treated and released from the North Big Horn Hospital in Lovell.  Siggard was driving a tractor trailer tanker trailer combination that was pulling a pup trailer.

The combination went off the right side of the roadway which caused the truck tractor and first trailer to roll.  The tanker trailer that rolled suffered a breach of the tank and the load of hot oil spilled into the highway right-of-way.  The pup trailer became disconnected, however it did not roll.

The spill is not near a water source and no water ways are threatened by the spill.  The hot oil has been contained within the right-of-way.  The Worland Regional Hazmat Team has responded to the scene for cleanup of the oil.  This may take several days for the cleanup operations to be completed.

WYO 310 remains open and motorists should be cautious traveling by the crash scene due to the work crews and equipment that will be entering/exiting and operating near the roadway.  The spill poses no threat to motorists.

Siggard had loaded the oil at a refinery in Billings, Montana and had a final destination in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Troopers investigating this crash have cited Siggard for speed too fast for the existing conditions.