State Wants Rehearing on Superintendent Law

The State of Wyoming is asking the Wyoming Supreme Court for a rehearing over its ruling that the law which removed the Superintendent of Public Instruction as head of the state education department is unconstitutional.

The court ruled 3-2 in favor of Superintendent Cindy Hill on Tuesday. On Thursday Wyoming Attorney General Peter Michael said in a release that, “After reviewing the opinion, the concurrence, and the dissent, I believe additional consideration is merited.

Although she’s surprised by the state’s decision, Hill says she’s not backing down, “I think the distractions at the cost of the taxpayers are really disturbing. And to think that it’s going to go on, I’m thinking that the people are soon going to have had enough. I’ll do what I need to do to defend the Constitution and their vote and voice and I’ll continue to do it as long as necessary.”

If a rehearing is granted, the court could stay the decision until the rehearing is decided.