Wyoming Lottery Unveils Logo

The Wyoming Lottery Corporation unveiled its “YOLO” logo on Thursday. The logo features a jackalope above the words, “Wyo Lotto” with the tagline, “just maybe” at the bottom.

CEO Jon Clontz says they wanted the logo to be uniquely Wyoming and bring out the fun aspects of lotto play, “You know people do win it. There are people who have life changing experiences with the lottery. So I think it’s that idea of entertainment, fun and just maybe you’ll be the one.”

The jackalope was named Yolo fo the last two letters in “Wyo” and the first two letters in “Lotto” but the designers at Warehouse Twenty One says they couldn’t pass up the name because YOLO is used in social media for “You Only Live Once.”

The logo unveiling was accompanied by the WyoLotto.com website launch.

Clontz says they’re still hoping to begin selling tickets for Powerball and Mega Millions sometime this summer and that selecting a gaming vendor is the next step in the process.