Protestors March in Cheyenne for Marijuana Law Reform

Hoping to get Wyoming to follow in the Colorado’s footsteps, about 50 protesters marched up Capitol Avenue to the steps of the State Capitol on the first day of the 2014 Legislative session in hopes of legalizing marijuana.

The march was organized by the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML). One of those marching, Joe from Cheyenne, says the laws surrounding marijuana need to change, “It’s time to stop sending law-abiding citizens to prison for doing something that doesn’t hurt anyone. It’s a victimless crime and in a free society, a crime against yourself isn’t a crime.”

Inside the Capitol Building, Senate President Tony Ross begs to differ. He reports that one bill has been filed for this session, which would reduce the penalty for those in possession of one ounce of marijuana or less to a civil penalty or either $100 or $50.

“I don’t know how you balance that between the use of marijuana and alcohol,” commented Ross. “We have steadily increased the penalties for alcohol, and it is difficult for me to rationalize how the use of marijuana would not increase traffic fatalities.”