Sight in with one shot

Watching a demonstration on sighting in a rifle took me back to the good old days when I used to use up a box of ammo sighting in, too.

One of my young friends did his 4-H presentation on how to sight in a scoped rifle the other night. He did a good job explaining how the windage and elevation adjustments on his scope move the crosshairs a quarter inch per click at a hundred yards. He also did great telling us how he made those adjustments, took another shot, made more adjustments, and repeated the process several times. He showed his final target, which had a clean little hole dead-center in the bullseye, and I was pretty impressed with his determination.

But after the meeting, I told him how I sight in my rifles now, and he’s eager to try it out. Since I need to tune up a few of my own rifles, maybe I’ll go to the range with him.

Listen to today’s show to find out how you can sight in your rifles with one shot.