Ammunition sales have finally leveled out

Good news if you’re looking for ammo – word is ammo sales are returning to normal. Well, most ammo, anyway. Demand for .22 ammo is still far beyond supply.

Cabela’s and several other retailers, as well as many ammunition manufacturers, recently reported that sales of guns and ammo are down from the historic highs they were reporting nearly all of last year. They’re still above the averages of five or six years ago, but people are leaving more of them on the shelves than they were a few months back.

That means you should be able to actually find most of the ammo you’re looking for, or that sweet new gun you’ve been hoping to get. For the most part, anyway. There are still certain calibers that remain hard to find, though the calibers that are tough to get may be different in different regions. Listen to today’s show to find out more about the latest news in the guns and ammo markets.