Honor Farm Gets Perfect Accreditation Score

The Wyoming Honor Farm (WHF), a minimum custody correctional facility in Riverton, Wyoming, achieved a 100% score on their accreditation audit with the American Correctional Association (ACA) on April 23-25, 2014.   All state correctional facilities under the Wyoming Department of Corrections have now successfully completed the ACA audit in order to become nationally accredited.
Through policy, practice and procedure, staff at WHF were able to demonstrate that the facility met or exceeded nearly 500 “best practice” standards set forth by ACA, a widely respected international organization developed specifically for practitioners in the correctional profession.

The purpose of this on-site audit was to assess the facility’s compliance with standards and ensure that offenders in its care are being provided an acceptable quality of life.  As part of the audit process, a three person team from ACA toured the facility, reviewed files, inspected conditions of confinement, and interviewed staff and inmates.

Upon hearing the results of the audit, WHF Warden Mike Pacheco remarked, “Over the past three years the staff at this institution have worked hard at achieving this milestone and their dedication and perseverance can finally be recognized.”

WDOC Director Bob Lampert expressed his enthusiasm to WHF staff.  “I want to thank and congratulate WHF employees, contract service providers and inmates for their outstanding efforts,” said Lampert.  “I am extremely proud of WHF and every portion of our Agency that have already completed their initial audits. You have all role modeled the way [for the remainder of the Department] to emulate.”

Accreditation audits for WDOC’s Field Services Division, Central Office and Training Academy are scheduled for later this year.