Two Initiatives At the Forefront of College Athletics [AUDIO]

As the NCAA mulls over initiatives in front of them, schools across the country are making plans for whatever may come down.  At the University of Wyoming, Athletic Director Tom Burman has had many discussions on what it would cost the athletic department to fund a total cost of attendance for every student-athlete on scholarship, and also put together a nutritional meal plan for those student-athletes.

Burman says that you could spend whatever you want on a meal plan, but no school in the Mountain West is ready to drop five-million dollars on that, and in fact, he says very few in the country will do that.

Burman says that rough estimates on a nutritional meal plan at Wyoming would put spending at a million-to-1.5 million dollars.  But he says if they do it right, they could make it a competitive advantage, where at Wyoming there aren’t many.

As far as the total cost of attendance at UW for every scholarship student-athlete, Burman puts that price tag at about $750,000.