In case you didn’t know, Texas is huge

Twenty hours behind the wheel of a vehicle is about sixteen too many.

My friend Chris and I drove all the way to McAllen, Texas, last month, and it was a full 20. We figured we’d be able to do it with no problem, because several years ago, we drove to Lake Charles, Louisiana, and that was about four hours longer. But that was also when both of us were quite a bit younger, too.

We wound up stopping for the night in Dumas, Texas, both on the way down and on the way back home. That’s another change from the Louisiana trip – when we went to Lake Charles, we drove straight through on the way down. We managed to hit rush-hour traffic in Denver, then again in Dallas.

This time, we avoided Dallas. We cruised down the west side of Texas, but because of where McAllen is located, we wound up seeing a whole lot of the second-biggest state in the country.

It’s a little depressing to wake up early in the morning in a Texas town, drive all day, and end up in yet another Texas town well after the sun has gone down. That’s just a ridiculously big state.

But there was some cool stuff down there. On the way home, we stopped and took some pictures of an incredible rainbow, and we stopped again to get some shots of a family of swift foxes. Swift foxes are pretty rare, and they’re usually pretty skittish. The father fox took off when he saw us slow down, but the mother and two kits stayed there and posed for us for a while.

But even with the interesting things we saw, the best thing was still the Wyoming state line on the drive home. After that many hours in a vehicle, and five days in extreme south Texas, it was fantastic to be home again.

I hope I don’t have to go anywhere else for a while.