courtesy Gateway Pacific Terminal

Wyoming Delegation Visits Gateway Pacific Terminal Site

A bipartisan delegation from Wyoming pledged its support to the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal in Whatcom County, Washington earlier this week.

Wyoming Senators Jim Anderson and Chris Rothfuss toured the site with Western Research Institute CEO Don Collins and Wyoming Infrastructure Authority Executive Director Loyd Drain. The terminal would allow for the export of coal from the Powder River Basin.

“We are glad to be in Washington State to have an opportunity to tour the site of the Gateway Pacific Terminal and hear more about the project,” said Senator Anderson. “The transportation industry is an important component of the economy here with the maritime industry providing $30 billion annually to Washington State’s economy. This new rail and port infrastructure will provide the opportunity to increase jobs and the positive impact relative to your maritime industry. We want to be partners in creating jobs and expanding economic opportunities.”

“The Gateway Pacific Terminal infrastructure will mean real jobs for real families in Washington and Wyoming,” said Senator Rothfuss.  “And these are more than just jobs.  These are long-term careers from which people can raise a family and have a good quality of life. We have a positive story to tell about how we produce low-sulfur coal and believe it is worth having a dialogue between our states.”

The terminal is expected to generate 1,250 jobs and nearly $140 million of economic activity annually in Northwest Washington.