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Survey Says Wyoming Teens Smoking, Drinking, and Fighting Less

Parents and teachers are always wondering what sort of risky behavior teenagers are engaging in, and a Centers for Disease Control survey may produce some insight.

Over 3,000 Wyoming students in grades 9-12 participated in the National Youth Risk Behavior Survey. It tracks trends for risky behavior such as smoking, drinking, and fighting.

One significant change in recent years in the percentage of Wyoming student who have ever tried a cigarette. Between 2001 and 2013, that number dropped from 40% to 22% in middle school students. It also went from 73% of high school students in 1995 to 45% in 2013.

The percentage of students who have ever tried a drink of alcohol or been in a physical fight has also gone down in the latest survey.

The 2013 survey was the first to ask questions about texting and driving habits. It found that 50% of Wyoming students had texted or emailed while driving in the past 30 days.

The Wyoming Department of Education says survey results are used by school administrators to view trends and identify areas of concern. A link to the survey results can be found on the WDE website.