Wyoming Law Enforcment To Particpate In Interstate Challenge

Wyoming motorists will notice an extra law enforcement presence when driving on two of the country’s most highly traveled and dangerous interstates during a four-day enforcement campaign in early August.

 The Wyoming Highway Patrol and law enforcement officials in 14 other states are joining together with a goal of zero deaths on Interstates 94 and 90 between Washington state and New York August 1st thru the 4th. That’s more than 5,600 miles of road.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol and hundreds of other law enforcement officers, in every state along those two corridors will be teaming up and cracking down on the most dangerous driving offenses during the “I-90/94 Challenge.”

Lieutenant Colonel Shannon Ratliff stated, “We’re especially excited to participate in this campaign, as it coincides with Ham n Jam, a local celebration in the northeast part of Wyoming, and of course the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Our focus will be on motorcycle safety, so we will act on observed violations of state statutes by motorcyclists; however, we will be alert for all unsafe vehicular activity, which might affect motorcycle safety, i.e. a car following a motorcyclist too closely, etc.”

Led by the Minnesota State Patrol, the challenge will use education, awareness and strict enforcement to save lives and remind all motorists to drive safely and obey important traffic laws. Law enforcement will ticket or arrest offenders caught speeding, driving drunk, driving distracted, not wearing their seat belts or any other behavior behind the wheel that puts lives at risk.

The Wyoming Highway Patrol will take a zero tolerance stance with unsafe driving, and with those who violate important traffic safety laws. Our goal is to save lives and we will do anything it takes to make that happen and make these interstates safer for those who drive them every day.

From August 1st thru the 4th over the past three years, I-90/94 averages 524 total crashes, 136 injury crashes, 56 crashes involving a commercial truck or bus, 10 alcohol-related crashes and 3 fatal crashes.

The goal of the challenge is zero fatalities during that time period, cut in half all other crashes, fewer than 69 injury crashes, fewer than 263 total crashes, fewer than six alcohol-related crashes, and fewer than 29 crashes involving a commercial truck or bus. 

The I-90/94 Challenge was initiated by the Minnesota State Patrol to help the International Association of Chiefs of Police reach its goal this year of reducing U.S. traffic fatalities by 15 percent.

More information on the I-90/94 Challenge is available at www.trafficsafetymarketing.gov.