Some cool knives come from my neck of the woods

I subscribe to an email news feed about outdoors-related stuff, and when I opened one of the most recent posts, a few familiar names caught my eye. The first one was in big print, because it was the headline of the post. It mentioned a review of a very unique hatchet made by Fremont Knives. I read more, and when I saw that the hatchet is called the Farson Hatchet, I knew the Fremont in the name had to be the Fremont County where I grew up.

Sure enough, the company’s website says that the owner, Michael Jones, moved to Fremont County about six years ago. And better yet, he teamed up with one of my favorite knife makers when he was designing the knives that now carry his brand.

The Riverton knifesmith he worked with is Mike Draper. Mike and his wife Audra make incredible custom knives. Audra started building knives before Mike, and when I was in high school, I really wanted one of Audra’s blades. I couldn’t afford one of her works of art, but Mike was just learning, so the ones he was making were more in my price range. I still have and use one of the first knives Mike ever made.

And now he’s designing knives for a company based in the county where I grew up. It’s like some kind of weird, full-circle cosmic thing. Now I just have to order one of those Draper Folder models from Fremont Knives.

But Fremont Knives has some other really cool stuff, too. Mike designed the Farson Blade, which is sort of like an Alaskan Ulu, and Fremont has added a handle to it to make the Farson Hatchet. It’s like no hatchet you’ve ever seen before, and after seeing it, I think I need to order one of those, too. And then there’s the Tuff Creek knife, which is about five tools in one.

Check out Fremont Knives. It’s a Wyoming company making great stuff.