Forced to Become Better Blockers [AUDIO]

Just how does a new offensive philosophy affect the wide receivers?  One position that the Wyoming Cowboys were deep at on the offensive side of the ball was wide receiver.  That’s because they were used to trotting out five wide-outs every snap, so the need for those players was essential.  Now that two, maybe three receivers will see the field on a given play, there are added responsibilities for those wide-outs, especially when it comes to blocking.  Senior wide receiver Dominic Rufran says that he’s had to become a better blocker. 

Wyoming hosts Montana Saturday afternoon in Laramie.  Kickoff at War Memorial Stadium is set for 2 pm.

Cowboy fans also have more of an opportunity for tickets to the opener.  The Grizzlies were allotted 2,000 tickets to the game, but their ticket office was only able to sell about half of that amount, so they’ve returned nearly a thousand tickets back to Wyoming.