Costa is bringing Indifly to the Reservation

My favorite sunglass company is my favorite not only because they make great sunglasses, but also because of what they do for the outdoors. And now they’re helping out right here in Wyoming.

Costa Sunglasses are what I wear when I step outside. They’re polarized so I can see fish under the water, and they protect my eyes from damaging UV rays. But Costa does a lot more than just make great sunglasses.

Years ago, they partnered with OCEARCH to study sharks so researchers could learn more about these amazing creatures. That research has led to growth in some at-risk shark populations. They’ve also funded the recovery of fishing nets and monofilament fishing line from oceans, lakes and rivers to clean those waters up and prevent fish deaths from entanglement. They’ve recycled those nets and fishing line into sunglasses frames in their Untangled line.

But they haven’t stopped there. They’ve also created programs to help native people start fly-fishing businesses. This effort creates jobs and helps protect these pristine areas. They’ve done this in Guyana and the Polynesian island of Anaa. But now they’re turning their attention to Wyoming and the Wind River Reservation through their Indifly initiative.

The goals are to create a thriving ecotourism industry on the reservation, which will create jobs for the folks who live there. It will also build interest in the Wind River area, which remains one of the most pristine areas in the Lower 48. This in turn will increase understanding of this amazing area, and that’s important for ensuring we can keep it as natural as it is today.

I’m excited to see what the results of this partnership will produce. The Wind River Reservation has some of the most incredible fishing opportunities in the country, and I would love to see the folks who live there find success through the project, while at the same time protect this unbelievable area.

Many thanks to Costa for offering this partnership to the Wind River Reservation.