2023 General Session in Wyoming Comes to a Close

With the sound of the gavel, the Wyoming Legislature wrapped up the 2023 General Session Friday at the State Capitol in Cheyenne.

At the start of the Session, a total of 497 bills and resolutions were numbered for introduction. The Wyoming Legislature passed a total of 196 bills. Of the 197 pieces of legislation that were introduced in the Senate, 101 of those bills passed both the House and Senate. The House introduced 300 bills and 95 of those garnered the approval of both bodies. Sixty-one percent of committee bills passed both Chambers compared to 30 percent of those bills individually sponsored. Legislation that passed both houses have either been acted on or is waiting to be acted on by Gov. Mark Gordon.

Both the House and Senate have addressed a broad range of issues affecting Wyoming residents and while some of these laws will take effect immediately, many will not go into effect until July 1 of this year.

Lawmakers will begin their interim committee work in the coming weeks. The Legislature’s Management Council plans to meet and assign interim committee topics on March 23 and the first round of interim committee meetings will begin in April. Wyoming’s Sixty-Seventh Legislature will convene on Feb. 12, for the 2024 Budget Session.

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