4Runner is still the top dog in the mid-size SUV world

I’ve always loved the Toyota 4Runner, even though I’m really a truck guy. But sometimes you want something smaller and more nimble, and the 4Runner is perfect for that.

I had a pair of Toyota 4Runners in my driveway a few weeks ago. One was my family’s own 2012 model, and the other was the brand-new, 2017 TRD Off-Road version.

I wish we could have traded our 2012 for the 2017 model, and not just because it’s newer and a whole lot cleaner. Our 4Runner hasn’t given us any trouble in the five years we’ve had it, and it’s still in pretty good shape. But it’s the Limited package, which isn’t what I’d choose for an off-road vehicle. The Limited is full-time four-wheel-drive, whereas the TRD Off-Road is selective four-wheel-drive.

Not only that, but the TRD Off-Road comes with the Toyota Crawl Control and Multi-Terrain Select, which drastically enhance the 4Runner’s already excellent off-road capabilities.

Maybe it’s time we start thinking about trading in the old 2012 for a newer model. But it’s so hard to part with a vehicle that isn’t giving you any trouble. As I said before, I’m a truck guy, and I don’t think I’ve ever had a truck that didn’t cause me problems, and some much more than others. But the 4Runner – nothing.

After driving that 2017, though, it’s tempting. You can get a 2017 with ventilated front seats, as well as heated seats. I’ve gotten pretty spoiled by that feature. I get hot when I drive long distances, and having that extra cool underneath me really helps.

The one option I’d skip is the Sliding Rear Cargo Deck. The one I drove had that feature, and I thought it took up too much room, and didn’t slide out far enough to really be useful. But everything else was on point. Check out a 4Runner if you’re looking for a mid-sized SUV.