4Runner TRD Pro is everything they say it is

I had the chance to drive a brand-new Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro last week. It was awesome. In fact, it got me thinking about trading in our 4Runner Limited for a TRD Pro.

My wife and I have a 2012 Toyota 4Runner in the Limited package. It’s been a great vehicle, but I’d rather have a true four-wheel-drive than a full-time four-wheel-drive.

That’s why I was excited when the vehicle fairies dropped off a TRD Pro version of the 4Runner last week. Not only is it a true four-wheel-drive, it also has Toyota’s off-road cheater option, which Toyota calls the Crawl feature and the terrain select system.

The Crawl system is basically cruise-control for rugged terrain. You can lock in the speed you want to travel from a little less than one mile an hour up to about four miles an hour. No matter what you go over, up, down or through, the Crawl system keeps you going a constant speed, so all you have to worry about is avoiding obstacles.

The terrain select feature sends specific amounts of power to the axles, depending on the terrain you’ve selected. If you’re crawling through mud, for instance, you want the wheels to be able to slip a little, if they need to, while if you’re on snow, you don’t want any slip. The terrain select takes all the guesswork out of it for you. It’s like training wheels for off-roading.

But the TRD Pro is more than just training wheels. It comes with off-road tires and rims, and it has more clearance than any of the other 4Runner models – or just about any other stock vehicle off the lot, for that matter.

I’ve said before I’m a fan of the 4Runner. No matter what package you get, you’re getting a very off-road capable SUV. But the TRD Pro takes the amazing 4Runner and makes it even better. Now if I could only convince my wife to give up her seat heater and trade her Limited for one of these bad boys.