A Big One vs. Two Showdown in High School Football

by Keith Kelley–1 Oct ’21

For the third week in a row, it will be #1 vs. #2 in high school football in the Cowboy State. Two weeks ago, it was #2 Sheridan knocking off #1 Rock Springs in class 4A. Last week, in 3A, it was #1 Cody beating #2 Powell. And now this week, in 1A-nine man, it’s top-ranked Shoshoni on the road at #2 Pine Bluffs. Hornets head coach Will Gray says it’s definitely a big game, but there’s not a lot of pressure for his team to win.

“I think the kids understand it, but as far as practice goes, we’re just focused on us and trying to get better,” said Gray. “It is a big game, but it’s a non-conference game, so there’s not a lot of pressure. We can just go out and play and see where we stack up. They’re (Shoshoni) big, they’re huge, and they’re a good football team. They run it well, they throw it well, so it’s going to be a challenge.”

Gray says they are behind the eight-ball a bit when it comes to size, and adds they need to be very good up front.

“Get in the way, get your hands up. The stuff we teach in pass pro, the stuff we teach in run blocking. You don’t have to be superhuman, you don’t have to be superman. Just do your job and then we’ll see where we’re at.” Gray added, “I think the kids have learned to enjoy that, of just being themselves. I don’t need you to be superman, we don’t need that. We need nine guys playing to the best of their ability, and at the end of the day, if that’s not good enough, we have practice next Monday, and we’ll get better.”

Pine Bluffs hosts Shoshoni this (Friday) afternoon at 2 pm.