A good day includes both fishing and football

It took all summer, but we finally got out to do a little fishing and other outdoor fun over the long Labor Day weekend. I just wish we’d had more free weekends before this one.

As a family, we had great plans to get outside and do a whole bunch of outdoorsy stuff this summer. We were going to do some exploring in Yellowstone, go fishing in a bunch of new places, and shoot up thousands of dollars worth of ammo on the backyard shooting range.

But as always seems to happen, life kept getting in the way. I think everyone’s just way too busy these days. It would do us all a lot of good to just kick back, forget about the things we feel like we absolutely have to do, and just go fishing.

The trouble is, we hardly ever feel like we have the luxury to take that kind of time off. But on Saturday, my wife and I decided all the chores needing to get done around the house were just going to have to wait. We’d spent the entire summer getting one thing done after another, and we hadn’t taken the time to do anything fun.

So we loaded up the 4Runner with a bunch of fishing gear and Wyoming Cowboys paraphernalia, and we headed to Laramie by way of Curt Gowdy State Park. It was the perfect combination. We knew the water would start getting too hot to catch many fish by about noon, and that was when we needed to head the rest of the way over to Laramie to catch the Cowboys game.

The fishing wasn’t spectacular, but it was good enough. My youngest son caught a little rainbow early on, and even I caught one. My fishless streak has been broken, at least for a little while.

I just wish the Pokes had played a little better. I found myself wishing about halfway through the second quarter that I was still on the bank of Granite Reservoir, even if I weren’t catching any fish.

But it was good to just get outside, do some fishing, and not worry about chores for a day. I wonder if I can convince Amy to go again this weekend, too.