A good holster is imperative

A gun falling out of a holster can lead to tragedy. If you’re going to carry concealed, make sure it’s not going to drop out and possibly hurt somebody.

You don’t have to have a license to carry a concealed firearm in Wyoming, but you do have to be responsible when you’re packin’. Part of that is making sure you keep your gun secure while you’re carrying it.

I was in a store a couple years ago when a woman dropped her gun either out of a holster or out of her purse, and it went off and shot the cashier in her arm. A number of things could have prevented this accident, and a good, sturdy, well-fitting holster is high on that list.

A holster that’s form-fitted to your particular gun is often the best choice, but they aren’t available for every make and model. The next best thing is one that’s made for a small range of guns that includes the one you carry.

Some holsters made of Kydex have a built-in latch that keeps your gun from falling out unless you push a button, and high-quality leather holsters often have a quick-release strap that holds the gun securely until you intentionally pull a tab.

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for an inside the waistband holster, an outside the waistband model, a shoulder holster, or one that goes in a bag or in your vehicle. The most important thing is that it fits your gun. Make sure of that before you find out if it’s comfortable to wear. If it doesn’t fit your gun, it’s more likely the gun’s going to fall out. And generally speaking, if it fits your gun, it’ll be more comfortable to wear, anyway.

Once you have a gun with a good safety and a holster that holds it securely, go to the range. Go there often. If you’re going to carry, you have to be able to shoot it well. And it’s not a bad idea to take a training course once in a while, too.

Don’t find yourself in a bad situation. When you’re packin’, be safe, be secure, be in practice, and be trained.