A New Future for Coal

Brimmer   1-6-18

Today Ramaco Carbon launched a project website for the world’s first fully integrated carbon resource, research and production facility, illustrating the cutting-edge possibilities for Wyoming and the coal industry.  The site can be found at www.ramacocarbon.com.

“This project is about using coal’s carbon molecules to build products, rather than burning it,” said Randall Atkins, CEO of Ramaco Carbon.  “This innovative technology project will bring cutting-edge forms of advanced manufacturing to the region.  It’s great news for Wyoming and the hard-working people in Wyoming’s mining industry who believe in the possibilities of diversification.”

Working with top researchers, universities, strategic companies and technologists, Ramaco Carbon hopes to create a new ecosystem of innovation in Wyoming, as well as many high-quality jobs.  By using carbon derived from coal, Ramaco and its partners will create a wide range of products that enable more efficient and diverse advanced manufacturing, and improve quality of life. These include car and airplane parts from carbon fiber, medical devices, chemical resins, consumer and building products, and more.

The company’s current and planned developments have far-reaching implications for the sustainability of the coal industry, advanced materials, and advanced manufacturing industries.

“Moving in this direction could provide a sea change in the landscape of the American coal industry,” said Atkins.  “The longer-term implications for our overall economy, and for thousands of people employed in the coal industry, are fundamental.  We’re proud and excited to bring this innovative research to Wyoming.”

Ramaco Carbon is investing its private funds into the project and is seeking no economic development funds from the State of Wyoming.

In October, Ramaco Carbon and Carbon, a Silicon Valley-based 3D manufacturing company, announced a production partnership.  Details are found on the website, along with articles from Bloomberg, the Economist, and Wyoming Business Report, describing the future of 3D printing and new manufacturing overall.

For more information, please visit www.ramacocarbon.com or email news@ramacocarbon.com.