An ammo company is moving to Wyoming

I got pretty excited when I read that an ammunition manufacturing company is moving to Wyoming. I have since learned it probably won’t help much with the ammo shortage, but maybe it’ll start a trend that will help.

There’s a new ammunition manufacturer coming to Wyoming. Actually, it’s not a new company, it’s an established one that’s just moving. That’s a bummer, because we need all the new manufacturers of ammo we can get.

The people who know about these things say it’s unlikely we’ll have any new ammo companies spring up. The last time we had an ammo shortage, some companies ramped up production, which meant they had to spend more on overhead, and then the crazy demand for ammo just disappeared when everything went back to normal, so they were left with a bunch of debt and not as much income as they expected. And if laws had been changed and more restrictions had made buying ammo more difficult, they might have had the same issues of being overstocked without having the ability to recoup their investments.

But I was still excited to hear that an ammo company is moving to Wyoming. Discreet Ballistics has announced that it is leaving New Hampshire to take advantage of a more business- and firearms-friendly environment here. I guess the Live Free or Die State is getting less serious about the first half of its motto lately.

I thought having the company here might at least put a little bit more ammo on Wyoming store shelves, and that may be the case, but the ammo they’re churning out isn’t the sort I normally use for hunting, or even for going to the range to practice. They make exclusively sub-sonic loads, so I won’t be carrying any of their ammo with me on my next elk hunt.

I might have to give it a shot for range practice, though. Less noise and possibly less recoil would be good for my hearing and my shoulders, and I might actually practice a bit more, which would make me a better shot when hunting season comes around. I just hope they expand their production and add some hunting loads to their lineup, too.