An Idaho company makes great outdoor gear for kids

There’s a whole lot of outdoor gear out there for us full-size people. The problem’s trying to find gear to fit the little people who go with us to the field.

I have no trouble finding outdoor gear. Clothing, packs, and other equipment is everywhere for a guy my size and with my interests. The problem is actually sorting through all the stuff to find the thing I’m actually looking for.

Even women’s gear has come a long way in the past few years. There are now a number of companies that tailor their gear for a woman’s body, like Filson. Then there are the ones that make only women’s gear, like SHE Outdoors.

But kids’ gear is a different story. There’s not a whole lot out there made specifically for little hunters and anglers. A couple of guys in Boise, Idaho, realized they could easily fill that niche, and they started a company called Lucky Bums. They started with skiing and snowboarding clothing, but now they make stuff for hunting, fishing, hiking, and just about anything else kids do outside.

They use the same material you get in your UnderArmour shirts, and the same designs you get in a big-person backpack. They just scale it all down. And the best part is they scale down the price, too. I think the last upland game bird vest I bought cost me 70 or 80 bucks, but the Lucky Bums version for kids is only 36. And it’s not just a cheap orange chunk of fabric. It’s full of pockets and shell loops, just like my own vest, and it’s built with a good zipper and quality materials.

I got my son a camo backpack from Lucky Bums, and he loves it. It fits him like a glove, and it’s sturdy. I know it’s durable, because he hasn’t taken it off since I got it for him two weeks ago.

If you’re looking for gear for your small-framed outdoor buddies, check out, or ask for their stuff where you buy your gear. They’ll actually outgrow it, rather than wear it out. And that’s rare with kids’ gear.