Broken truck is affecting my turkey hunting plans

I was ecstatic about fixing my truck over the weekend, though I’ve heard the statement, “Pride cometh before the fall.” Sunday night, the truck wouldn’t start again, so now I know what they mean by that.

To get to the turkey woods, I need a truck. I’m pretty sure my wife’s not going to let me take her fancy 4Runner out, get it covered in mud, and possibly stuff a stinky wild turkey into the cargo area. A spring tom makes an antelope smell good, by comparison.

Unfortunately, my old ’94 F-250, affectionately known as Clunk, wouldn’t start on Friday morning. I thought I’d narrowed the problem down to a worn-out neutral safety switch, so I had my wife pick up a new one on her way home from work.

Saturday, I spent most of the morning changing it out, but the truck still wouldn’t start. I looked at the old switch, and the connection was pretty badly corroded, so I figured since the new one came with a new connector, I might as well try that.

After two days of fighting with wire connections and cracking my knuckles in the tight spaces underneath my truck, I finally got it patched together. I fired it up, and it worked. But then I shifted it into reverse to pull it off the driveway pad, and reverse was nowhere to be found. It would go forward, but not backward. I turned it off, thought for a minute, then tried again. This time, it wouldn’t start at all.

This truck trouble is seriously affecting my turkey hunting plans. I don’t have a whole lot of spare time, and I’d rather be using that time to chase birds around the Black Hills than lying on my back under my truck, unsuccessfully trying to fix whatever’s wrong with it.

I’d love to just run out and buy a new Ram Power Wagon, a Nissan Titan XD, or possibly a Ford Raptor, a Toyota Tundra TRD Pro, or a Chevy Z-71. But I’ll have to sell a few photos for that to happen. That’s where you can help. Log on to and visit my Gallery page. Find a picture you like, and buy a big one. Or two. I thank you in advance for your help.