Cloudy Skies & Rain Showers Likely For SE Wyoming Today, Better Chance For Rain Statewide On Thursday

An upper-level weather system settled over southwestern portions of the nation will funnel plenty of moisture into southeastern and far southern Wyoming today.  This weather system will then slowly move into the state of Wyoming on Thursday.  For today, cloudy to mostly cloudy skies and rain showers will be likely across southeastern and far southern Wyoming.  There will also be some areas of patchy fog this morning.  Temperatures will be cold and well below average for the southeast corner of the state, with daytime highs in the 40’s.  Elsewhere, we can expect gradually clearing skies and improving weather conditions.  Seasonably mild temperatures will also be found throughout the rest of the state, with highs in the 50’s to lower 60’s.  Rain showers continue for southeastern Wyoming tonight, while a rain/snow mix will develop over higher elevations of I-80.  For Thursday, expect cloudy to mostly cloudy skies, early patchy fog, and a good chance for rain showers throughout central and eastern Wyoming.  A rain/snow mix will also be possible early in the day over higher elevations of I-80.  There will be a smaller chance for rain showers in western Wyoming.  Temperatures will be cooler than normal for central and eastern Wyoming, while mild and near average temperatures continue in western Wyoming.  Expect early clouds and lingering rain showers on Friday as our latest weather system pushes out of the region.  Skies will then gradually clear and conditions will improve for the rest of the day statewide.  Temperatures will also become milder and closer to average.