Conservative Wyoming Businessman Sam E. Galeotos Announces Run for Governor

Galeotos   3-25-18

Sam E. Galeotos announced his candidacy for Governor of Wyoming today surrounded by his wife Stacey and their daughters Isabella and Nicolette and a packed crowd at the Cheyenne Frontier Days Old West Museum.


“I am a Wyoming native, born and raised right here in Cheyenne, WY, vintage 1958. I was fortunate to bond with the state early as a young boy. My father Lee was a state employee, and worked in both Governors Cliff Hansen, and Stan Hathaway’s administrations. We spent many summers traveling around the state with my dad, as he went about his state business.”


Mr. Galeotos continued his 30-minute speech telling the room full of supporters more about himself.


First of all, I am a proud conservative. I am a man of faith. I am pro-life, pro-family, and pro- 2nd amendment. I have been this way my entire life. And, these conservative principles have guided me as a young boy growing up in Wyoming, all the way through my professional career leading Wyoming, national and global companies.


I also believe in the conservative value of limited government. Having operated at the local, state, national and international levels, I have witnessed first-hand the negative impact government can have on free enterprise.”


Mr. Galeotos spoke about his professional career outside of Wyoming.


“As a Chief Executive Officer, I have learned the most important thing you have to be is a leader willing to make hard choices.”


Mr. Galeotos went on talk about his reason for running for governor and his vision for the future of Wyoming.


I will bring conservative ideas with a fresh perspective for the people of Wyoming. I am seeking to be your governor because I want to serve you, the families of Wyoming, and I have the skill set to make a difference.


I have spent my entire adult life leading people and organizations in the pursuit of solving large complex problems, and leveraging game changing opportunities. Wyoming is presently at a critical juncture, our state needs good leadership, right now.


I am the only person entering this race with the proven skills and experience to prepare Wyoming kids for Wyoming jobs, to create economic growth and good paying jobs, and most importantly, get government out of the way!”


Mr. Galeotos was also pleased to announce his campaign leadership: Campaign Committee Chairman Matt Micheli, Campaign Committee Treasurer Bill Cubin, Consultant Dicky Shanor, Campaign Manager Haley Davis, Campaign Coordinator Codee Augustin, Communications and Policy Director Amy Edmonds and Field Representative Mike Mores.


Prior to his speech, Mr. Galeotos was introduced by three people with strong personal connections.


Dr. Grant Fleming, a life long friend, Mr. Shawn Mills, CEO and Founder of Green House Data in Cheyenne, WY, and Mr. Matt Micheli, friend and Chairman of Sam’s campaign.


Over the years I have observed Sam journey through his many endeavors. Everything he became involved with would grow, improve, and prosper,” said Dr. Grant Fleming, Sam’s lifelong friend.


His ability to separate the noise from the critical decision points was invaluable. He taught me the importance of swift decision making –looking at all the facts and acting upon them. He perhaps most importantly encouraged me to hire great people and work hard at making every employee the best they can be,” said Shawn Mills, CEO of Green House Data.


Wyoming is lucky. We have had so many people that have gone before us that have put us in a great position. We have so many opportunities in this state, but we absolutely MUST elect a Governor that has the experience, the courage, and the conservative philosophy to take Wyoming through the last mile and across the finish line. That man is Sam!” said Matt Micheli, local Cheyenne attorney and Chairman of Sam Galeotos for Governor.


Sam will be traveling the state, hitting all 23 counties prior to the Republican State Convention.