Deer are checking themselves in at the hospital now

In the news of the weird, there isn’t much that can top the story that came out of Rochester, New York, at the end of October about an injured deer that checked itself in at the emergency room.

A recent post on the Outdoor Hub caught my attention the other day. It seems one day in late October, a young lady was driving near Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester, New York, when a deer jumped out of the cemetery right in front of her. She didn’t have time to hit the brakes, and her car smacked into the deer.

She lost sight of the deer, but since her mother worked at the hospital, she decided to pull into the hospital parking lot and tell her mom about her accident. She wasn’t hurt, but she went into the emergency room entrance to find her mother. It turns out the deer had beat her there.

The injured deer had hobbled into the emergency room before the girl got there. It had a broken leg, but it still managed to limp into the hospital and about 20 feet down the hallway before hospital employees were able to corral it, strap it down on a gurney, and escort it back outside.

Unfortunately for the deer, its injuries were bad enough that wildlife officials decided to put it down. That seems like a pretty crummy thing to do to an animal that was obviously looking for help. Maybe it would have had better luck if it had wandered into a veterinary hospital, instead.

There must be something in the water in New York, because in the same news feed, there’s another story of a trio of black bear cubs that broke into an SUV outside a cabin in the Catskills. In the video that accompanied the story, one of the cubs actually opened the door, and his litter-mate hopped inside the car. The little lock-picker then followed his sibling into the SUV, while the third cub and their mother looked on.

So be sure you lock your doors, and watch out for wildlife if you have to go to the hospital.