Don’t brag about poaching on dating sites

A woman on a dating site recently got a date with someone other than who she wanted to go out with. She got a date with a judge.

The funniest story I read last week had to do with a woman in Oklahoma on a dating site who was chatting up the guy she thought she might want to go out with. In the course of the conversation, she asked how the guy was doing. He said he couldn’t complain, and asked how she was doing in return. She replied that she was in a great mood, because she had just shot a big buck deer.

The guy asked if she’d gotten the deer with a bow, because it was apparently archery season in Oklahoma at the time. She replied, “we’re not going to talk about that.” The guy pressed, asking if she’d spotlighted the deer, which is just as illegal in Oklahoma as it is here in Wyoming. She admitted she had. And she even supplied a photo of the poached deer.

This was a stupid move, no matter who she was trying to get a date with. Most states have rewards for people who turn in poachers, so her prospective date could easily have turned her in.

But this was even better. The guy himself was, in fact, an Oklahoma game warden.

The guy did a little research on social media, found out where the lady lived, and the next day, he and his fellow wardens went out to the lady’s place to pay her a little visit. They found the deer and the evidence needed to convict the lady for poaching. To her credit, she immediately pled guilty and paid her fines.

The whole situation wasn’t even a sting or a set-up. It turns out the game warden was legitimately looking for a date. He just happened to hook up with a woman who couldn’t keep her mouth shut about a game violation.

So the warden made a bust, but I’m guessing he didn’t get the date he was hoping for. Here’s wishing him better luck in the future.