Don’t invite me to any vegan weddings

While surfing the Internet, I came across a story about a vegan bride who uninvited all her meat-eating friends and even family members from her wedding. Good for her. I’m sure her meat-eating friends didn’t want any tofu, anyway.

There seem to be no limits to boycotts and political stands on the Internet. Social media gives everyone a voice these days, even if people use that voice to say things that may come back to bite them.

Most of the time, those social media posts are in the realm of “who really cares?” But one of them caught my eye over the weekend. It was about a woman who is getting married, and she’s a vegan. Apparently, a militant vegan, at that. She is being attacked by all manner of people because she uninvited all the meat-eating guests she had originally invited to her wedding. She said, and I quote, “we don’t want to host murderers at our wedding, which is supposed to be one of the happiest days of our lives.”

The uninvitations went out to all meat-eaters on her guest list, including family and bridesmaids. At least one of the bridesmaids fired back, saying the woman was a Bridezilla, and that she would rather have been left off the original invitation, because she’s already gotten her bridesmaid dress.

But I say good for that bride. If she wants to take a stand for her completely unnatural lifestyle, more power to her. She can have all the tofu she wants, and kill all the poor, innocent plant life she needs to murder in order to feed her salad-swilling guests, and her meat-eating friends are free to go somewhere else during that time and hork down a plate of cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Her friends should be thanking her for saving them from having to choke down a Gardenburger and eat cake frosted with carrot pulp.

I think her friends should take it a step further, though. They should all pool the money they were going to spend on wedding gifts and donate it, in the bride’s name, to a sportsmen’s organization. They’d save a heck of a lot more animals with that donation than the bride will ever save by refusing to eat meat.