Dozens Of Animals Seized By Cheyenne Animal Shelter

By Staff 3-14,2016

The Cheyenne Animal Shelter has seized nearly 40 animals from a carpenter woman who has previously been cited for animal cruelty for hoarding animals.  Nikki Rose, marketing coordinator for the Cheyenne Animal Shelter says 36 dogs, 4 cats, and 1 rabbit were taken from the home of Marci Beisheuvel near Carpenter in February.

“We had an animal control officer going out to just make sure she was following her probation rules and that’s how we found she had more animals than she was allowed. At that time we did not know the extent of it, but once we started looking into it we just really couldn’t believe it was happening again.”

Rose says the animals were living in very poor conditions, many of them locked din kennels compacted in feces and no access to water. Rose says many also had extreme dental problems.

Rose says Beisheuvel was falsely representing herself an animal rescue as one way to get so many pets.

“She was taking animals from people who thought that they were re-homing their animal to someone who they thought was safe. It was a big surprise to us that she was getting that way as well as just picking up strays off the street.”

Beisheuvel currently faces 26 counts of animal cruelty and failure to display rabies tags. Rose adds that asking in so many animals does strain the Cheyenne Animal Shelter resources, so if anyone would like to make a donation go to their website at