Emotional arguments sometimes go astray

When we let emotions drive our debates on issues, sometimes we say silly things. You see this on both sides of arguments all the time. One of the best examples came through my email inbox the other day.

My dad sent me a forwarded email a couple of days ago that made me laugh. It started out with a photograph of a woman at a political rally of some kind. I remember seeing this picture before, and the first time I saw it, the picture just made me mad. It was a picture of a woman holding up a sign reading, “I dream women will one day have the same rights as guns.”

While I agree with her that women are mistreated more than men will ever know, I think her attempt to combine the fight for women’s rights with an obvious desire to increase gun control was misguided at best.

But this time, the photo was followed by a very good rebuttal to the sentiment on her sign.

Whoever wrote the email said, “She dreams that women will one day have the same rights as guns. Does that mean she wants people to have to wait 72 hours for a background check to be completed before you can take possession of a woman? That women should be banned from entering school and college campuses? That women should be banned from polling places on election days?”

It went on to wonder if her dream included banning women, like guns, from any official government group meetings and airports, and whether she thought people should have to pay a fee to the state before someone could carry a woman on their person. Does she want some women to be banned outright simply because they look too scary? And that all women should be locked up at any time they are not in use? And finally, does she think you should be able to fit your woman with a silencer?

Maybe her argument needs a little more thought.