Everybody’s getting into camo these days

A few months ago, I mentioned on this show that I was surprised Victoria’s Secret hadn’t jumped on the camo bandwagon. Well, it appears they have now.

It seems like you can get anything in camo now. You can even get a truck with a camo wrap on it. Some of the camo is truly functional, but some of it’s just a fashion statement. I used to have a phone case that was camo, and that certainly falls under the fashion statement category, rather than the functional. After about the third time I dropped that phone out in the tall grass, I decided to get rid of the camo case in favor of one that was a bit easier to see.

Until recently, though, there was one brand that was conspicuously absent from the camo craze. Especially when women’s wear started showing up in various colors of camo patterns, I doubt I was the only one wondering why Victoria’s Secret hadn’t started making stuff in camo.

Granted, like my phone, there are some things you really don’t want to have a hard time finding, and your wife is one of those. Especially if she’s wearing something exciting. Maybe that’s what’s kept Victoria’s Secret out of the camo race until now. It seems they were working on coming up with a camo pattern that wouldn’t render its wearer invisible in most situations.

The company’s pattern is definitely understated. It looks like it started with the old World War II pattern, but the individual colors are more similar to each other, so it’s hard to tell it’s camo unless you really look. Not that I looked at the pictures of the models closely … never mind. I’m going to stop right there. But the point is, Victoria’s Secret has entered the camo clothing line. I said on this show a while back that they were missing out on a real money-making opportunity by not having a camo line. Maybe they were listening. 

I’m just surprised it took them so long to join the party.