Find an excuse to go fishing

One of the best things about doing auto reviews, and especially reviews of four-wheel-drives, is that it gives me a great excuse to get outside. But you shouldn’t need an excuse to go fishing.

Now that spring has sprung, it’s time to go fishing. I’m starting a new routine this year with my kids, and I think it’s something every parent ought to do.

I’ve promised my boys that we’ll spend at least one evening each week up in the Pole Mountain area. Most of those trips will be for fishing, but we might throw in a hike or two just to change it up a bit.

One of my extra-curricular activities is test-driving four-wheel-drive vehicles and doing reviews on them, so I’ll actually be killing two birds with one stone most weeks. We’ll take the review vehicle up to the woods, and we’ll drop a line or two along the way. It’s a great excuse to get outside, but you really shouldn’t have to have an excuse. All you really need is a desire to just get out there.

I’ve lamented lately that I spend a lot of time each week talking about the outdoors, but ever since I left my job as the Outdoors editor at the local paper, I haven’t spent nearly as much time outside as I’d like. I try to blame my job and my other responsibilities for that, but really, the fault lies solely with me. I have the ability to prioritize and rearrange my schedule, and it’s time I do just that. So I made a promise to Colby and Logan that we’ll spend at least one evening each week out on the banks of one waterway or another.

We’ll try to get out for longer trips on weekends, too. There are plenty of places to go fishing in our area, and the same is true no matter where you live in Wyoming. We’re blessed in this state with more places to fish than you can shake an Ugly Stik at. All you have to do is go.

That’s sometimes hard to do, though. Work, chores and other duties always seem to get in the way. But if you do some minor rearranging of your schedule, you can always wedge in an hour or four to do a little fishing now and then.

As they say at Nike, just do it.