Finding excellent gifts for hunters is easy

If you have a hunter on your Christmas list, you’ve got it made. There are tons of gifts you can get a hunter. All you have to do is give something that can be used for hunting, and it’ll be a hit.

It’s that time of year again when we all scratch our heads wondering what to give the people on our shopping lists that are tough to buy for. I’ve heard a lot of people say hunters are hard to find presents for, because most of us tend to just buy the things we want for hunting, instead of waiting for it to be given as a gift.

But that’s not really true. And even if it is, there are plenty of things hunters use that we can always use more of.

Ammo is a prime example. As long as you know what caliber the hunter on your list shoots, several boxes of ammo is always good. Better yet, if you can get a peek at that hunter’s ammo collection and figure out what grain they like to shoot for each caliber, you’re golden.

Then there are trail cameras. Of the hunters I know who use trail cameras, I don’t know of a single one who would say, “Yeah, I have enough trail cameras.” That’s one of the reasons I don’t have any – I’m sure it wouldn’t be long before I had two or three dozen of them. And if you do have a trail-camera-using hunter on your list, consider getting that person a solar auxiliary power pack for those cameras.

Targets are good, too. Life-size 3D targets for archery all the way down to paper targets you can roll up and stuff in a stocking are great ideas.

And if you really like the hunter you’re shopping for, maybe a couple dozen BigFoot decoys, or even a new rifle, shotgun, or bow. You’ll need to have a pretty good idea exactly which gun or bow to get if you go this route, but you’ll be a true hero if you get the right one.

See? Hunters are easy to shop for. The only trick is figuring out what your spending limit is.