Forget spring cleaning — I do pre-hunting season cleaning

We don’t do spring cleaning at my house. Spring is for getting out of the house after a winter cooped up inside. We end up doing the cleaning in the fall, for good reason.

I think most people set aside a day or a weekend in the spring to go through all the stuff in their house and get rid of anything they don’t need anymore. All the things they decide to keep – and the nooks and crannies those things are stored in – get a thorough cleaning before everything gets put away for another year.

But that’s not the way it works at my house. In the spring, we’re all too busy finding excuses to get out of the house after being cooped up inside all winter. That was especially the case this spring, with the coronavirus forcing us to stay home together. When the weather started to get nice, we were all more than ready to put some distance between each other, even if it was only for a little while. There was no way we were going to subject ourselves to digging through the store room, garage, and outbuildings when the weather was perfect for hiking, fishing or camping.

But now that hunting season is here again, I’ve been forced to finally get around to that spring cleaning. Not because I feel the need to get rid of junk I no longer use, but so that I can actually find the junk I now desperately need.

My delayed spring cleaning was triggered by a search for a few items I need for my upcoming hunting trip. I couldn’t find them in any of the likely places. So I started tearing apart the store room, then the garage, and finally the wood shed.

I ended up getting rid of a ton of stuff I don’t use anymore, and I figured I might as well clean those areas while I was at it. And I found almost everything I was looking for.

I still never did find my headlamp, though. I guess I’ll buy a new one, and maybe this time, I’ll put it away at the end of the season where it belongs.

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