Get a break from COVID-19; hunting season’s almost here

I’m ready for hunting season. I’m always excited for hunting season, but this year, I’m even more amped for it. I just want to get outside and away from all this COVID-19 crud.

I’m planning to spend as much time as possible hunting this year. I’ve been practicing with my bow as well as my rifles and shotguns, so that I’ll be ready to hunt any species that’s open. I bought my licenses as soon as they were available, and now I’m just waiting for the first opening day.

That opener is archery antelope. I didn’t draw my first-choice area, or even my second choice, but I did pick up a reduced-price leftover license. Now I’m just counting the days until the season opens. Not counting today, that number is eight. The season opens next Friday, and I’m leaning toward taking a vacation day to get out there. I should probably save some vacation days for elk season, but I’m itching to go hunting as soon as possible.

In an effort to be as ready as I can be, I’ve been practicing with my bow, my rifles and my shotguns. I’ve lost some of the accuracy I used to have when I was younger and in better shape, but that practice has made me confident I’ll still be able to put an arrow where I need to as long as the critter is within 50 yards. If it’s outside of that, I’ll hold off on taking a chance. I don’t want to make a bad shot, and besides, if I do get a goat during the archery season, I won’t be able to hunt antelope during the rifle season. I’m all about extending my season as much as I can.

Especially this year. I’m tired of dealing with all the COVID-19 stuff. I hate wearing a mask, and I’m sick of socially distancing. I don’t have to wear a mask when I hunt, and even though hunting is the definition of social distancing, I won’t have to think of that as long as I’m out there.

Here’s wishing you a good hunting season. It’s almost here. Be ready for it.

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