Get a cooler made right here in Wyoming

Before you drop a chunk of your hard-earned money on a big name cooler, take a look at one that was made right here in Wyoming. Wyld Gear is building them from the ground up in a shop on the outskirts of Casper.

There are a bunch of companies out there making coolers that keep your stuff cold much longer than the old Igloo coolers we had when I was a kid. Interestingly enough, most of them seem to have four-letter names – like Yeti, RTIC and Orca. They all keep cold stuff cold for days, and they all cost a pretty penny. Some of them are made in the U.S., but not all of them are.

But there is one high-end cooler brand that’s made completely right here. Not just in the United States, but in Wyoming. Wyld Gear coolers, at least their hard coolers, are designed, molded, assembled, packaged and shipped right from a building on the western side of Casper.

Wyld Gear got its start when a group of Wyoming guys were looking for the perfect fishing cooler. They couldn’t find what they were after, so they drew up plans to build one to their own specifications. They started out having the coolers made overseas, but they have brought the manufacturing back home and now create several models here in Wyoming.

They have dual-compartment coolers and single-compartment ones, in sizes from 25 quarts up to 110. They also have soft-sided coolers, tumblers and other adventure gear.

And not only are the hard coolers made right here, they’re also less spendy than the Yetis. Wyld Gear’s 25-quart model is $199, while Yeti 25-quart coolers are about $250.

And you can even get a Wyld Gear cooler in a swirled brown and gold color pattern – something every true Wyoming Cowboys fan should own.

Check ‘em out at, and shop local.