Get a laser dry-fire system to save money and ammo

Not only is ammo hard to find right now, it also tends to be quite a bit more expensive than usual if you do find it. While I was looking for ammo a while back, I found the next best thing.

Ammo is hard to get right now. Even reloading supplies are scarce. If you want to practice, you either have to be one of the people sitting on a stockpile of hoarded ammo, or you have to be content with only shooting a few rounds now and then and hope your skills don’t deteriorate.

Or you can do some dry-fire training. There are quite a few dry-fire training tutorials on YouTube that can help you work on your fundamental shooting skills without using up any expensive or rare live ammunition, and those are good alternatives. It’s never a bad idea to brush up on the basics.

But if you want a bit more feedback, there are some options out there. Several companies make laser dry-fire training systems that can be used with your own firearms, making the practice more effective, since you’re using the gun you actually carry instead of a simulation.

Some of those companies are iTarget, Mantis, G-Sight, LaserLyte, LaserHit and Strikeman. I got a Strikeman system a few weeks ago. It was about $100, and it came with a .45 caliber laser bullet. I also ordered a .40 caliber laser cartridge and a .223 for $59 each, but the .223 hasn’t arrived yet.

I’ve already practiced with that system with my .45 and .40 for hours, and I’m seeing improvement in my shooting. I just load the cartridge in an unloaded gun of the appropriate caliber, and I can practice right in my house. The system works with my phone, and it keeps track of my progress. Last time I went out to the shooting range, after practicing for a while with the Strikeman system, I was already shooting much better than my previous range session.

I should have gotten this system years ago. It saves money, I can practice as often as I like, and best of all, I don’t have to clean my guns when I’m done.

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