Get a life membership in a conservation group

If you’re serious about protecting our wildlife and wild spaces, and ensuring that hunting is still a part of wildlife conservation for generations to come, consider life membership in a conservation organization.

I think all wildlife conservation organizations have life membership options. And all those conservation groups do wonders for the wildlife and the habitat – and not just the species they are named for. The Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, for instance, does a lot of work that benefits pronghorn, deer, moose, and even grouse and other animals in addition to elk.

Life memberships in those organizations is usually pretty spendy. Most of the organizations offer those memberships for $1,000 or $1,500. But that money goes to projects that help make sure we still have wild places and the animals that live in them.

My goal is to someday have life memberships in all the conservation organizations that have a presence in Wyoming. I’m starting with the Muley Fanatic Foundation, because Muley Fanatics is a little more focused on Wyoming than other states right now. They’ve done a tremendous amount of work to improve the habitat for deer, elk, antelope, and a bunch of other wildlife species right here in Wyoming.

They also have a great package for life members. Their life membership, which is $1,500, gets you a KUIU or First Lite hat, a KUIU jacket or First Lite vest, and a Weatherby rifle in your choice of 15 calibers. All life members also are entered in drawings at every milestone for extra loot. They’re getting close to 525 life members right now, so all life members will have a chance at a KUIU Yukon gear package. They’ll draw for that when they hit 525Life life members, and they’ll do more drawings at other milestone numbers of memberships.

Do your part for conservation, and get some great gear while you’re at it.