Get away — you need it for your sanity

Our family trip down to Colorado last weekend made me realize I need to get out more. I’ve been cooped up for more than a year, with only occasional escapes. I need a big getaway sometime this summer.

We had a nice little mini vacation last weekend with a trip to Grand Lake in Colorado. It was still a bit more populated than what I prefer for a getaway, but I took a break from checking my email, phone messages, and other ties to civilization. We were staying in a cabin surrounded by other cabins and other people, but we were able to feel like we were at least somewhat removed from the rest of the world.

And we took a few trips in canoes and kayaks out on the lake, and while we were out there, we were even farther from other people. I didn’t take my camera with me, because I wasn’t sure how stable I could be in a canoe, but I found myself wishing I’d brought it. At one point, on the back side of an island out in the lake, we sat no more than 30 yards from a great blue heron that was fishing, and he let us sit there and watch him catch several fish. Those birds usually fly off when you get within a couple hundred yards of them.

It was all a good reminder to do that more often. We went to bed late and got up early, but I still felt refreshed even after driving the three hours home. There’s just something about fresh air, sunshine, and a few interactions with nature that will recharge your batteries better than any cup of coffee ever brewed.

But now I need more. I’m thinking we need to take a week off sometime soon and head up to the Snowy Range, or maybe over to the Wind Rivers or the Big Horns and have an extended getaway. We’ll take the tents and sleeping bags, and we’ll get back where it’ll be rare to see another human being. These weekend trips are great, but they just make me realize how much I need a longer escape.

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