Get fishing!

Technically, it’s still spring, and it will be for a while yet. But the kids will be out of school soon, so it’s time to start planning some fishing trips.

Get your kids out to do some fishing this year. And more importantly, take some time to do some fishing yourself.

Depending on how old your kids are, a fishing trip with the kids might involve more helping than actually fishing. My own kids are getting a bit better at being able to handle their own fishing gear, but the more time we take off between trips, the more repeated instruction I have to give them when we get to the water.

In order to reduce the amount of time you spend reteaching the kids how to bait the hook, tie a lure onto the line, cast the lure, and eventually reel in a fish, make sure you take those kids fishing every chance you get. The more they do it, the more they remember, and that gives you more time to cast a line of your own.

Of course, as the kids get older, they graduate to more advanced fishing styles, and that means you might have to spend extra time teaching again. When they go from worms to spinners, you have to show them how to keep the lure moving through the water. If they stop, you’ll have to unsnag it from whatever’s lurking under the surface.

And there’s even more teaching involved if the kids move on to fly-fishing. You’ll probably find yourself coaching the youngsters on their backcasts, mending their line, and achieving a perfect dead drift. There won’t be many opportunities for you to break out your own fly rod.

But again, the more often you go, the better handle the kids will have on whatever fishing style they choose. And the more often you go, the more chances you’ll have to do some fishing yourself.

For that reason, make sure you mark out several dates on the calendar for fishing now, before those days get filled up with other summer obligations. Shoot for at least four days a month. Good luck. And happy fishing to you and yours.